In your wallet do you have an id of someone who is so overwhelmed with grief? Do you have a credit card that is filled with charges to cover up your sadness or a debit card that is one swipe away from being declined? Do you have photos of kids who are stressing you out because you are single-handedly being their disciplinary, maid, chef, teacher and Uber driver?

If so, contact me for coaching. Discover techniques that can make your grief more manageable. Explore ways to purchase items that will be for fulfillment instead of a quick fix. Manage your finance so you are in control of them instead of your money being in control of you. Learn how to feel appreciated even when your kids aren’t showing it. All while learning that self-love and self-care is a need and not a want.


This website was created for the purpose of providing general information alone. It does not attempt to give the reader advice as it relates to your individual situation, and any information contained does not constitute financial advice. I consider myself a financial and widow coach, not to be confused with the profession of a financial advisor or psychologist. I would encourage any individual to discuss their specific circumstances with an independent professional. If you make the decision to work with me in my coaching capacity, we will work as partners to develop a plan that works for you and your situation from the information you provide. The ultimate outcomes will come from how you alone implement that plan.
My blog and its content come from a multitude of resources- books, articles, and podcasts, in addition to my unique personal experiences. As any coach would do, I would encourage all individuals to delve deeper into any topic mentioned in my writings. Many of the subjects are accessible through internet searches and easily verified.