Helping You Feel Confident

with Your Money

Because you Deserve

to Enjoy Your Chapter 2

Tina holding a sign saying Make Today Amazing

What if You Could Spend Money and Love What You Bought?

Introducing the ultimate coaching program for widows.

Clean up your money habits and get a helping hand with your healing too.

If you’re ready to take control of your healing and money, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the Widow’s Thrive Kit 1:on:1 Coaching Program.

I liked the personal touch when working with Tina


Imagine being excited about the way you’re spending money.

Instead of being frustrated at yourself for buying stuff you aren’t even using.

Ready to stop feeling like you’re always wasting money?

This program helps you stop beating yourself up for overspending.

So you’re in charge of your money and doing it well.

Here’s how coaching helps you…

You’ll feel better about your healing process.

And trust yourself to make the best financial decisions for you and your family.

 I’ll also help you…

  • Take huge steps in your healing process
  • Design a plan that allows you to enjoy your money
  • Make financial decisions with confidence and ease
  • Start to dream again

You Deserve to Have an Amazing Chapter 2

Working with Tina was one of the best decisions I ever made in the past few years. She started me on a path of financial knowledge, financial comfort of confidence that I would never have had if I hadn’t worked with her.


What You Get in the Widow’s Thrive Kit

  • Strategies to help you move forward in your healing process.
  • Support for getting through big events like anniversaries, birthdays, angel-versary (death date), and holidays.
  • A sounding board to design a plan for your money, including everything that lights you up.
  • Tools for managing your money easier.
  • Support from another widow who gets your grief.
  • A former teacher who wants all women to feel confident with money concepts. Plus, helps explain confusing and scary financial lingo for everyone to understand.
  • A team of other money coaches who can answer questions I can’t.
  • Bonus: Full Access to the Widow’s Thrive Kit Summit Valued at $97.
  • Access to Releasing The Should’s video webinar $47.

 Investment: $5000

(payment plans are available)


I love Tina’s boldness too. If there was something I needed to hear, I felt like you told me and it wasn’t always easy, but I needed to hear in order to grow and move forward.


How the Widow’s Thrive Kit Coaching Progam Works

  • 1 year of support
  • 1 2-hour call to establish a clear plan for your spending
  • Weekly 1-hour zoom calls focused on money and healing strategies

Your Questions Answered

Why is the program so long?

There are big financial and grief events that happen throughout the year, so you’ll have support through all those times. Together, we’ll address those events so you’re prepared for them in the future. During the healing journey, hard days always come up, so you’ll have full support for each.

Why does the program cost this much?

It’s $5,000 for the whole year, which averages to $100 a session because I want it to be affordable.

Are there payment options available?

Yes, we can split the payments into 12 monthly payments.

Is there a lot of homework?

We have time to do a lot of work during our sessions. For example, we can do this together if you need to call your financial advisor. This is your one session per week focused on your money, and we can use the time how it best suits you.

How will I fit this into my schedule?

I understand being a busy solo mom, so we can find a time that fits and suits your schedule.

Do you work with single people? What if I am not a widow? Or not a mom?

If you’re a woman who wants to increase your confidence around money, then I’m the person for you.
As a widow, you’re making all of the decisions in your household, and managing your finances is falling to the bottom of the list. You might just break if you have to add one more thing to the do list.