Welcome, Widow Sisters!

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Hi, I’m Tina

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I help widows feel more confident managing money to enjoy their Chapter 2.

Bet you’re here because you struggling with the way you’re spending your money.

You’re probably shopping when you’re upset about your husband’s death.

Beating yourself up for the way you spend money.

Feeling unsure about what your financial future will look like.

Been there, done that!

You know you want to improve the way you manage your finances.

But, the overwhelm of grief and solo parenting makes it difficult to get it done.

I totally hear you!

I’m thankful for the fact that I worked with Tina. It provided me with the strength to step forward and enjoy life.


You Never Imagined Yourself Being a Widow at Such a Young Age

When I was 38 years old, my husband, Jamie (40), suddenly died from a heart condition we didn’t know he had, leaving me to solo parent our 2 boys, Parker (9) and Brady (6).

I was completely shattered.

Clueless about who I was anymore, I had no idea how I would get through this horrendous situation.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Sound familiar?

Tina with boys and late husband

Three years later, I was still miserable!

Resentment consumed me because of everything I had to do on my own.

I felt hopeless that life was NEVER going to get better.

For me…

The more frustrated I got about my grief and current situation, the more I spent.

Because receiving packages seemed like the only time I felt any excitement after losing my husband.

Tina asks the right (sometimes tough) questions to cut through the negative self-talk that you don’t always recognize. She gently guides you to release emotional blocks so you can refocus on what’s important. I guarantee you’ll feel lighter after your first session!


I Should Know How to Manage My Finances Better Than This

Do you feel the same?

Even though I’d been a personal finance teacher for over 20 years, my spending was out of control.

I struggled to maintain a budget and racked up huge credit card bills.

Nothing I taught my students was helping me improve my spending habits.

Guess what?

Overspending has NOTHING to do with Numbers

It has everything to do with your EMOTIONS!

My grief affected how I spent my money. Anytime I was sad, angry, or happy. It didn’t matter. All I wanted was a new shiny toy. And after going through grief coaching with Tina, I delved into my grief, which taught me about money. Mostly, it was me trying to push feelings away. So working with Tina helped me separate grief from overspending.


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Do You Keep Hoping You Can Purchase Something to Fix Your Pain?

But. Nothing. Does.

I started fearing I’d be miserable forever.

But then something happened…

I discovered life coaching.

I learned the most life-changing strategies, which helped me reduce my overspending by $1000’s

And become more at peace with my grief.

Now, I devote my time to helping widows like you do the same.

You can have this too!

Working with Tina helped me feel satisfied and confident about my finances.


You Deserve to Enjoy Your Chapter 2

My deepest desire is for every widow to feel confident with her money decision so she can create an amazing Chapter 2.

Widows like you can make powerful money decisions.

You can enjoy your life again.

Let me show you it’s possible to feel better about your spending!

Ready to take control of your spending and feel relief from your grief?

Sign that sayings "it's hard to beat a person who never gives up" by Babe Ruth