Hey Widow Sister

Want to stop feeling bad about the way you’re spending money?


I help widows gain control of their finances without a restrictive budget.

Widows Support

I know you’re worn out from losing your husband, but worrying about money makes life harder.

Wish you could stop beating yourself up about spending money?

It’s possible to find happiness again.

This is something you don’t have to do by yourself.

I’ve got you.

Are you sick of feeling like…

You should be smarter with your money.

You’re always thinking, ‘why can’t I do this?’

You’re often terrified you’ll run out of money.

You’re tired of second-guessing your financial decisions.

You’ve got money there, but you’re unsure if you’ve spent too much.

Here’s the thing….

It’s not about the numbers, lack of financial education, or discipline.

You’re grieving, angry, and resentful about your life now.

So, of course, it makes sense you’re spending money the way you are.

Guess what?

You don’t have to be miserable for the rest of your life.

I’ve got you…. Let me help you love your life again.

I don’t feel that buyer’s remorse or that anxiety going up to the cash register. Oh goodness. You budgeted for it. And that’s okay.


Feel Better About Your Spending and Healing

You Deserve to Enjoy Your Chapter 2

I’ll help increase your confidence in making money decisions.

You’ll enjoy how you’re currently spending your money and be relaxed about your financial future.

You can start creating new life goals.

Ready to feel proud of how you’re using your money?

Work with me so you can begin to enjoy life again.

The money I invested in my coaching with Tina is an investment in myself.  I don’t even remember how much I spent because it doesn’t matter. I would spend it again.


Hey, I’m Tina Murphy, and I Get it…


I know what it’s like to lose your spouse and have your world flipped upside down.

I understand the struggle of putting your life back together while trying to keep it together for your children.

A few years after my husband died, I started shopping to figure out how to be happy again.

It seemed the only thing that brought me relief from the grief.

My spending was out of control despite having taught personal finance for over 20 years.

What was wrong with me?

I felt hopeless that life wasn’t going to get better.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon life coaching and it changed my life.

Now I teach a unique approach to help other widows like you gain clarity about their spending habits.

And it helped them take huge steps in their healing process.

I can help you too.

I can live life with the grief and live life still honoring Travis, my late husband.


Are you Ready?

Join the Widow’s Thrive Kit Coaching Program

To get the steps you need to take control of your spending and learn how to enjoy your Chapter 2.

An exclusive opportunity for widows to feel better about their spending habits and become confident in their own money journey.

Join me and other widows to learn how to stop overspending without a restrictive budget.

Plus learn valuable skills for handling your grief.

It is possible to enjoy life again.

Working with Tina with my money was daunting at first. It was very scary because it’s not something I ever grew up learning about, but she made it easy.


Tina helped me understand my emotional relationship with money. We understand emotional eating, but I had emotional spending patterns, and it was around my kids. It came out of nowhere but was uncovered by Tina’s process of asking gentle questions about why things are the way they are.


I think if I had not met with Tina and gone through her coaching process, I would still be stuck and not be as far as I am now. I needed a push.  I needed someone to really help guide me through this because I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own.


Tina hold a book that says "Alway believe in yourself"

I’ve Got You!

If you’re missing out on enjoying chapter two because you’re feeling terrible about spending money.

Join me to learn how to stop overspending without a restrictive budget and enjoy life again.