Hey Widow Sister

Are You Ready to Gain Control of Your Spending without a Restrictive Budget?

I help widows like you take control of your finances so you can begin to enjoy life again.  You’re already worn out from the stresses of losing your husband so beating yourself up for your past money trip-up is only making life even more difficult. I totally get you.

 Are you sick of feeling like…

  • You should be smarter when it comes to money because you’re a well-educated experienced adult.
  • You should have better spending habits because you often regret your purchases.
  • You’re afraid of running out of money because your financial advisor is telling you may not have enough money when you want to retire.
  • You feel slightly panic right before you check out at the store wondering if your card will be declined because you’re out of touch with your account balances.
  • You only feel relief from your grief when you are online shopping.
  • You’re terrified you are going to be miserable for the rest of your life.

Hey, I’m Tina Murphy


I’m a widow who teaches a unique yet proven approach that helps other widows gain clarity about their spending habits so they can begin to take huge steps towards healing from their grief

Working with Tina was one of the best decisions that I ever made in the past few years. She started me on a path of financial knowledge, of confidence that I never would have had if I hadn’t worked with her.


Imagine if:

  • You felt confident about your financial future instead of ignoring your money altogether. 
  • You could sign your kids up for activities without having to worry about your financial advisor telling you that you’re spending too much.  
  • You bought a new purse and smile every time you use it instead of it sitting in the closet collecting dust.
  • You only spent 10 minutes on Amazon buying a new kitchen item instead of spending hours scrolling just to avoid dealing with your grief.
  • You could begin enjoying your chapter 2 instead of thinking you’re never going to be happy again. 
  • You could be content with creating new life goals instead of being shattered by the lost dreams which included your late husband.